A Design Studio for Ambitious Creatives



I'm Sophie,
Owner and Designer  

My favorite thing is helping other creatives give life to their dreams. Sometimes all you need is someone in your corner to push you to the next level. 

About me

Let's bring your creative business to life

As creatives, we would much rather spend our time creating and dreaming than planning and promoting.  I've learned the business of marketing creative skills so I can share it with you. 

Let's Go!

There's no limit to what you can create

Your online presence should reflect that.  You bring the talent and the passion, I'll bring the systems to share your gift with the world.


"I knew going into it that SOPHIE had the artistic skills to create the perfect brand, but I was continuously impressed by HEr organization, thoroughness and professionalism. Everything I received was above and beyond."

-Ellie Norris, Writer

"Sophie pushed me to fully step into my brand and move forward with confidence in my digital presence, social media outlets, and brand identity."

-Will Stubblefield, Photographer

"Sophie went above and beyond to help me understand the process and what needed to be done to achieve the end result.  The end product was PERFECT!

-Sophie Edwards, Designer

You heard it here first...

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